Sunday, 22 June 2014


Welcome to my new project - to create a well-rounded range of modern/near future wargames figures to fit with a fictional island background that I'm creating.  As it isn't based upon a book or film, the figures can also be used for post-apocalypse and zombie-type games.

I have no intention of using a Kickstarter to fund the development of the project, and the proceeds from the sale of any spare castings will go straight back into making more greens.  The type and number of figures will build over time, to include various different groups of combatants, civilians, smugglers, pirates, cultists, mad scientists...the list goes on.  
I'm fortunate to know a number of very talented sculptors and set out to use the best that I could afford - I hope you will see that this is reflected in the quality of the figures that will be produced.  The figures will be mounted on tabs, making them easy to use with a variety of different base types, and typically will measure approximately 28-30mm to the eye (about 32mm to the top of the head) although individual minis may be slightly shorter/taller - after all, people come in all shapes and sizes.

An added bonus is that the figures will be compatible sizewise with figures from the likes of Hasslefree, Crooked Dice, Artizan, TAG and Empress Miniatures - what I'd call "realistically proportioned" figures rather than the "heroic" or "chunky" proportions of Games Workshop and similar figures.

I also have plans for a small group of vehicles, which will be cast in either metal or resin, with metal crew figures.  Due to the nature of the project, these will be predominantly civilian types, although customizable with the addition of weaponry.

Finally, I will be writing a set of fast play combat rules to accompany the project.  As with all of my rules, these will be FREE to download, with the emphasis upon being easy to understand and having lots of figures on the table. 

Thanks for your interest - if you want to keep a track of progress, be sure to follow this blog for updates.

Best Regards